The system files can be found directly on the CD's included in the Handbook of Computer Algebra. Alternatively the computer algebra system Felix can be obtained from the Web-page

or via anonymous ftp at

from the directory /pub/felix .

Installation Guide

General remarks

We provide ports for different platforms:

Linux felix_linux-3.0.tgz
NetBSD felix-3.0_bin.gz
Solaris felix_solaris-3.0.tar.gz

Windows, OS/2 installation

Note, the systems uses the DOS-protected-mode-interface (DPMI 0.9) and is supposed to run in a DOS-box. For the installation unzip the file

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Linux installation

Felix requires an Intel processor. Linux platforms running on different processor families are currently not support.

The system is installed using

     cd /
     tar xvplzf [path/]felix_linux-3.0.tgz
     rm [path/]felix_linux-3.0.tgz
Deinstallation is done by
     rm -r /usr/local/felix
     rm -f /usr/local/bin/felix
If the slackware distribution is installed on your computer then also pkgtool can be used for extracting Felix .

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NetBSD installation

Currently, Felix is supported only on Intel platforms. Install the system using the instruction

     gunzip felix-3.0_bin.gz  
     pkg_add -v felix-3.0_bin
     rm felix-3.0_bin
The system can be uninstalled using
     pkg_delete -v felix-3.0_bin

Under older NetBSD versions we had problems using the package installation. In any case, a manual implementation similar to the
Linux paragraph can be applied.

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Solaris installation

At a Sun workstation under Solaris Felix is installed by

     gtar xzf felix_solaris-3.0.tar.gz
     pkgadd -d . felix
     rm -r felix
     rm felix_solaris-3.0.tar.gz
     ln -s /usr/local/felix/felix /usr/local/bin/felix
The system can be uninstalled using
     pkgrm felix
     rm -f /usr/local/bin/felix

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General remarks

The unix versions are executed by calling the script file "/usr/local/bin/felix" and the Windows-OS/2 version are invoked by the batch file "felix.bat". If necessary, adapt the settings therein to your environment.

The subdirectory "ini" contains configuration files for different memory equipments (4, 8, 16, 32, 64, ... Mb). You can adapt the initial setting to your needs by copying the corresponding file from the "ini"-directory to the file "fx???.ini" on the Felix home directory.

Note, some operations, e.g. compilation, assume the permission to write on the Felix home directory. Therefore in unix systems, it is advisable to introduce a special user "felix".

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